The cove air of Education is t o Provide young kids wity a learning Environment which brings out with a learning environment  which brings out  the best in them. We believe that every child is blessed wit h a unique set of charactertics and capabili ties, which need t o be cultivated so that they blossom. It is with this aim of differing brilliance to our students that we at Glorious have established 2022 that provides a free environment to  young kids where in they can grow, learn and Practice to their

Potential, imbling in them. The culture benevolence, exploring talent and developing a story respect for our culture and Nation from recruiting highly skilled teachers to offering the best education Programmes, great assure is taken to assure that the students get nothing short of the best.

Motto :-

  • Holistic Educat ion
  • Diverse learning

Mission :-

  • Creating Environment for diverse learing Strat egies.
  • Mot ivation .
  • Self Descipline .
  • Including Morat and strength based resilience through best practices.


  • To Faster the best in every student by providing a holistic

  Education and inspring environment .

Mr. Chandramauli Tripathi


Main Branch

Address: Glorious Academy, Azad Nagar, Near Hawai Adda, Bhabua Ward No. 2, Kaimur

Mobile: +91 8603179871


Second Branch

Address: Glorious Academy, Aklaspur Road, Near Bhupesh Gupt College, Bhabua

Mobile: +91 8603179871


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